French Rooster

French Rooster Gold CoinLooking for authentic French Rooster Gold Coin? The French Rooster gold bullion were produced before the start of World War I between 1901 and 1914 and feature the outline of a Gallic Rooster, the national symbol of France since the middle ages. Today, the French Rooster continues to stand as a proud figure of the fighting spirit of liberty, independence, vigilance, and confidence. For these reasons, the rooster appears on French stamps and is the insignia for the French national sports team.

The French Rooster gold coin is struck with .1867 fine gold making this particular mint very low in price and widely available. These gold coins are ideal for gold bullion collectors who are looking for gold coins that trade near their intrinsic gold value. These gold bullions are also private, non-reportable gold when bought today and most importantly when you later sell them.

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